The Cartographers: Curt Thompson's Cure for Individualism



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The Cartographers: Curt Thompson\'s Cure for Individualism


How does transformation happen? Is there more to therapy-speak online? What do we do with the toxic fruit of American Christian discipleship? Is there an answer to expressive individualism?

In this wide-ranging conversation, Bryce Hales and Ashley Hales, a pastor and PhD, sit down with Curt Thompson, MD, who deftly combines interpersonal neurobiology and Christian faith. We talk about institutions, the lack of fruitfulness amongst Christians, and developing a Christian imagination. A must-listen: thoughtful, warm-hearted with practical tips to help you love your people and your place.

The Cartographers Podcast combines academic expertise with pastoral heart to help 21st century Christian leaders chart a way through the changing cultural landscape. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.


Curt's latest book: The Soul of Desire

Curt's website

Curt's podcast

Mark Oppenheimer, "The Schools that Ban Smartphones," The Atlantic

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