Life In a Liminal Age (Part 1): An \"Unprecedented\" Experience


Life In a Liminal Age (Part 1): An \"Unprecedented\" Experience


PREVIEW --> Life In a Liminal Age (Part 1): An "Unprecedented" Experience



Everything Just Changed


PREVIEW --> Life In a Liminal Age (Part 1): An \"Unprecedented\" Experience


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We all know what it feels like to live in a "liminal age," but describing it is surprisingly difficult. Why? Because it is both an acceleration of something familiar AND it is even more dehumanizing than we thought. In what we hope is an incredibly validating conversation, Brad and John outline the 3 Primary Symptoms of Life in a Liminal Age (Loneliness, Loss of Capacity, and Disorientation) and lay a foundation for a 3-Part mini-series on "remapping culture" in all its surprisingly precedentedimplications... 

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